This section is for all things music. I've had a passion for it my whole life and continue to explore all avenues. After a year of piano lessons at 15, I became self taught on guitar, bass, drums and production fundamentals and began producing and writing my own songs. 

Since then I have written and produced 8 studio albums, scored several short films, and currently write for Atrium Music and have had placements on FOX TV. I've also created some conceptual music videos for a few songs but I admit I have never full embraced the music/video thing which I know is a bad thing.  It's something that is currently in the works. 


This is a collection of songs that are mostly available on the various albums in my discography but some are only available as singles on SoundCloud or iTunes.  I write and produce so much music, it's hard to keep up and keep releasing them as full albums.  You can deep dive into the albums here and purchase them too. 

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