This section is for all things music. I've had a passion for it my whole life and continue to explore all avenues. After a year of piano lessons at 15, I became self taught on guitar, bass, drums and production fundamentals and began producing and writing my own songs. 

Since then I have written and produced 8 studio albums, scored several short films, and currently write for Atrium Music and have had placements on FOX TV. I've also created some conceptual music videos for a few songs but I admit I have never full embraced the music/video thing which I know is a bad thing.  It's something that is currently in the works. 


This is a collection of songs that are mostly available on the various albums in my disography but some are only available as singles on SoundCloud or iTunes.  I write and produce so much music, it's hard to keep up and keep releasing them as full albums.  You can deep dive into the albums here and purchase them too. 

Below excerpt from my bio written by my late, great friend and creative writer, Robert Paton. He and I worked together on many client campaigns and he is always sadly missed. There will be no replacing the connection and relationship Rob and I had. He was an inspiration and I miss him still to this day. 

"Marcus's journey into music started the day he raided his big sister’s record collection and stumbled upon a curious little album whose artwork consisted of a glass prism refracting a rainbow of colours.  Familiarizing himself with just about every record on the planet eventually led him to the door of CFNY Radio — one of Toronto’s hottest rock and alternative stations in the 80s and 90s. Here, he worked as an intern where he would chat hours on end with the other DJs about what constituted the perfect #1 song. Of course, if anyone had the absolute formula to this million-dollar question, they’d no doubt be the wealthiest person on the planet.  But all this was enough for Marcus to take all he had learned in music to this point and start penning his own tunes. It also brought Marcus back to the piano, or rather, one of the first Ensonic keyboards that allowed him to sequence his songs. During this time he also plied his musical talents to learning guitar and drums. After a few ill-fated attempts to form a live band, Marcus eventually went it alone, building his own studio to arrange, record and engineer his own creations — four albums to be exact: City, Together, All Sides Facing Out and the highly experimental Invisible. Each disc a collection of finely crafted compositions that possess a hint of all that has influenced him over the years — Gabriel, Lanois, Depeche Mode, Dead Can Dance, and of course, the band that started it all — Pink Floyd. But make no mistake — regardless of the influences — Marcus Kihn remains an original through and through." - Written by Robert Paton

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