• Marcus Kihn

Marcus Kihn Music on FOX...again!

A few years ago, I started focusing my music and production talents on creating music for television. With the help of some great people, I was signed to Atrium Music out of Los Angeles who specialize in music placements for national TV shows. The most recent show they have been placing music for is the revival of the hit show, "Temptation Island" and I now have the privilege to announce that more of my music has been placed on this show. This is a big deal and one I'm very proud to announce. My musical journey seems to be getting more and more exciting every year and a big part of this is a friend who is also an extremely talented composer, Marlon Gibbons, who connected me with Atrium and is a big supporter and just an excellent person all around. Something very rare to find in this industry. Keep an ear out for more of my music out there in TV land and one day - the movies!

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