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I am a Canadian based composer, specializing in production music and songwriting. My passion for creating music has helped independent film producers and large corporations alike strengthen their brands and tell their stories. 


Since each project has very unique needs, it’s my job to understand what needs to be communicated and deliver this with fresh, original music. 


As a full-time composer / producer / musician, I’ve landed some cool music placements over the years, and worked on some really great independent projects. I've also just finished my 9th studio album as a songwriter and producer. This is the base of my love for music and has made me a better composer for TV and film.  


More than talent, what has given me those opportunities, have been the great relationships I have forged with amazing people over the years. I'm always in a state of gratitude for the music life I've made for myself. Of course hard work is the foundation all this and I've come to be a great team player and easy to work with under the most stressful circumstances. This comes from my experience in the professional creative world. I love all music so I have made a point of exploring all genres of music so that when the time comes for a project, I can tap into this experience. 

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